Aelx Emberhelm

7/5/94 (29) | She/Her | Writer | World Builder | Community Lover

Aelx's love of writing bloomed at an early age and took over her ever waking thoughts. She wrote her first book in the 7th grade about a bully being shrunken down and placed in a self-sustaining terrarium where a war was being waged between the ants and the spiders, until the wasp were introduce. Aelx overcame many obstacles and finally professionally began writing in 2021 for a D&D 3rd party publisher Crit Academy with whom she published her first book with through a kickstarter that raised over $16k and had 386 backers. Since then Aelx has also had her one-shots published as well as continuing to hone her skills, writing for Crit Academy.

Aelx brings many new and exciting things to the table such as her passion for reinventing the old and love for perfect wording in even the most simple form, but the most unique thing she brings to the table is the subset of skills she gained from dyslexia. Aelx was found to be dyslexic in the 2nd grade, on a scale of 1-5 she scored a 4. Due to this being discovered so late Aelx's relation with language has a unique spin that allows her to approach problems in a different manner, as the normal approach is simply unavailable to her. Rewording, reformulating and adapting on the fly are just a few of the applicable skills that Aelx uses in her everyday life and writing and would be absolutely thrilled to be able to flex in hopes of making WOTC more accessible to more people, especially Magic: The Gathering.

Aelx is excited and ready to work with you on your next project or to fill a long term position in a writing field. Thank you!