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Drunk Rules

-The PC can consume a number of drinks equal to double their constitution modifier without penalty. After those drinks they will be sufficiently tipsy and loose. You can choose to stop here.

-At the end of each additional drink, the player must succeed on a constitution saving throw with a DC starting at 11, and increasing by 1 for each drink thereafter.

-The DM will determine when to make saves based on how the player describes the PC’s drinking habits.

-If you pass the constitution saving throw your PC may keep drinking and/or functioning as a drunk PC.

-If you fail a constitution saving throw, your PC passes out where they are and takes a long rest.

-If the player rolls a nat 1 on any constitution saving throw, not only does the PC pass out but the player must make another constitution saving throw, DC 11, to determine if they vomit before passing out.

-The PC in both situations can be woken up with a jarring action such as a slap or cold water, however they will have 1 point of exhaustion.

-Upon completing a long rest, You must make one final constitution saving throw to determine if you are hungover. The DC of this save is the same as the DC you failed to pass the night before. If you fail the last save the PC takes 1 point of exhaustion for half the day.

Player Questionnaire

These are some optional questions to ask possible players at your table

Rate 1-10 with 1 being strongly disagree and 10 being strongly agree

  1. I would like the game to consist of mostly roleplay

  2. I would like the game to consist of mostly combat

  3. I want to face life threatening combat

  4. I am ok with losing my PC

  5. I am ok with PCs doing things contrary to my personal morals

  6. I am able to share with the DM when something is bothering me

  7. I want to be prompted to roleplay

  8. I am happy waiting while other players have their moment

Patheon Creation Questions

  1. Are your god/s perfect or imperfect?

  1. How many God/s would you like?

  1. Are there Major/minors Gods or do they all have the same amount of power?

  1. Where does their power come from?

  1. What is the theme of the god/s?

  1. Can mortals become god/s?

Aelx's DC Setting Guide

"How likely is it the PC can do this thing?"

Lvls 3-6

10= I want them so get this

13= They should get this

15= there is a chance they would get this

17= they shouldn’t be able to get this

20= if they get this it will be a huge deal